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Dedication is what makes the music stand. The fans is what keeps the music going


Kaysinners (Born March 1, 1993) is an instrumental composer and a rap/hip-hop artist Involved with musicians that express their feelings through music.
Kaysinners is one of the most underrated musicians despite his lyrical ability and talent.

Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico , and moving from different states at a early age Kaysinners had to settle down in one place. Kaysinners then moved to New York City in 1998. And lived there most of his life. In the bronx borough until 2013. Kaysinners started out making instrumental music. Two instrumental albums released in the years 2011 & 2012. One named “Eye in the world” and the other named “Heart in the eye”. Kaysinners did raps for fun and always made jokes on how bad they sounded. His best friend “James” told him to pursue rap since he saw his talent. With practice Kaysinners became better and pursued rap. Kaysinners then released the album “Rennisyak”. Which caught the attention of many people with no public negative feedbacks. Kaysinners does speak , write and read spanish for those that automatically assume that he is “African american”. This is an actual latino rapper. With this kind of sound


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